*Visit the 'saving time' page for more details and examples.
*Visit the 'saving time' page for more details and examples.
*Visit the 'saving time' page for more details and examples.
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  • All plans include a free 30 day trial.

  • Vyoopoint was designed and built by designers, for designers and visual artists, which guarantees you it is 100% effective. This is our world... we’ve been doing this for years so like to think we know what we’re doing! The interface has been kept to a minimum, so the work being presented is what is getting noticed by the client not the application that they are reviewing it through. All the controls are simple so that anyone can comfortably review and comment on the images or videos being presented.
  • With Vyoopoint, uploading and presenting visual material to anyone else is now really easy. As a design agency we used to manually build all our design presentations so our clients could review them online. It was really inefficient, so we decided to create a presentation tool that would make that process much faster for us and much easier for our clients. Using Vyoopoint has made presenting our work much easier and faster, our design projects get signed off quickly.

How is Vyoopoint simple, fast and elegant?

We needed an easy to use, fast way to get our design work in front of clients. So based on over 10 years of design and presentation experience we developed the design presentation tool that we'd been dreaming of for many years to do just that. Create and deliver design presentations elegantly and efficiently. See below for some of the highlights.

Easily upload images, video and swf files

  • Create a new gallery and upload files in one simple process.
  • Upload single or multiple files at once.
  • Auto generated thumbnails let you confirm you have the correct media that you want to present.

Organize your work by project

  • Files get uploaded directly into a project gallery.
  • Everything is version controlled automatically (yay!).
  • Assign unlimited companies and people to each project.

Elegant media viewer shows off your designs

  • The Vyoopoint media viewer tools are simple and easy for your clients to use.
  • There are no menus, comments or toolbars to clutter your design presentation, just a single strip at the bottom of the page contains all that is needed.
  • The fullscreen view even eliminates the edges of a browser creating a very clean display of your designs.

Manage your people and user permissions

  • Add unlimited contacts and companies. Using Basecamp integration you can import your contacts from Basecamp and post galleries as messages into your Basecamp account.
  • Allow your clients to add image markups and video markups (arrows, scribbles, text, etc)... or not, this feature can be turned off!
  • Simple permissions controls make sure your clients only see their projects, and not someone else’s.
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Saving time and money with Vyoopoint

Built with efficiency in mind Vyoopoint will save you and your team plenty of time, which of course equals money too. Vyoopoint significantly reduces the effort in displaying design work that needs to be reviewed and signed off by clients because:

  • As soon as you upload files, review galleries get automatically built
  • Publishing a gallery instantly emails all the people assigned to review
  • Any time comments are made, people assigned to projects receive them in an email.
  • Simple visual annotations on images and video are much more efficient and accurate than written, or even spoken descriptions of edits or changes.
  • Available online 24/7 to fit everyone's schedule

Take a look at the figures below to see what we mean. These are based on real world experience and current average salaries in the USA. Chances are very good that you will actually use Vyoopoint way more than only 3 times per month, per designer (which is the amount we specify in the table below).
On a recent project, we at dsire were uploading galleries at a rate of two or three a day!

Figures are based on building 3 presentations per month, taking approx. 45 min. each, per designer.*
Buiness size Designer's Hourly Rate Designer's Monthly Cost Designer's Annual Cost Annual Labor Cost using Vyoopoint Annual Savings Using Vyoopoint
1 designer presenting her work to clients.
$40 $90 $1,080 $144 $936
$50 $113 $1,350 $180 $1,170
$75 $169 $2,025 $270 $1,755
3 designers presenting their work to clients.
$40 $270 $3,240 $432 $2,808
$50 $338 $4,050 $540 $3,510
$75 $506 $6,075 $810 $5,265
7 designers presenting their work to clients.
$40 $630 $7,560 $1,008 $6,552
$50 $788 $9,450 $1,260 $8,190
$75 $1,181 $14,175 $1,890 $12,285
10 designers presenting their work to clients.
$40 $900 $10,800 $1,440 $9,360
$50 $1,125 $13,500 $1,800 $11,700
$75 $1,688 $20,250 $2,700 $17,550
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